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PSCC Marked catalog May 2016

Prairie State Cat Club Marked Catalog Oct 2015

May 2016 Flyer


Our friend, mentor, Prairie State Cat Club Member, TICA 2013 Member of the Year, Micheline (Mike) England has passed and we will miss her dearly.

Our May 7, 2016, cat show was dedicated to Mike and all the wonderful things she did for Prairie State Cat Club, TICA and the cat fancy.

Mike England MOY
 Photo Credit: Vicki Howell, Simple Focus

Juniors Are the Future of the Cat Fancy


If you’re a junior cat lover and want to learn more about the cat fancy, showing and breeding cats, and also become involved in TICA, our Junior Exhibitors program is what you need to check out. Not only will you be mentored by long-standing TICA members who are breeders and some are judges, but you’ll have fun by competing in the junior classes with your friends at local shows.

Junior Exhibitors at Prairie State Cat Club’s Autumn Leaves Cat Show in October 2015. The Junior Exhibitor ring was under the guidance of TICA Judge Lynne Sherer from Tennessee.

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Show Flyer Oct 2015

May 2015 Show Highlights

PSCC Show Highlights Oct 2014

May 2015 Show Flyer

May 2015 Flyer



Favorite Kitten: Amure Mulan Rouge, Black Silver Spotted Tabby Egyptian Mau. B/O Sherri Skinner    SHOWN IN PHOTO

Favorite Cat: Apollo Peace Coon, Blue Silver Shaded Point British Shorthair. B/O Anna Kreynina.

Favorite Alter: Owhl Sebastian, Chocolate Lynx Point Scottish Straight. B: Sally Patch. O:Sally Patch/Charisa Figueroa Antigua.

Favorite Household Pet: TGM Gambit, Black Household Pet. O: Katie Brock.

October Show Highlights

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May Show Highlights

Show Highlights May 2014

October 2014 Show Flyer

Prairie State Cat Club Show Flyer Oct 2014